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【导语】生命不是一篇“文摘”,不接受平淡,只收藏精彩。对于考试而言,每天进步一点点,基础扎实一点点,壹壹高考网为您提供高考英语总复习基础经典习题 ,通过做题,能够巩固所学知识并灵活运用,考试时会更得心应手,快来练习吧!


1.Will you deliver (送货), or do I have to come to the shop to collect the goods?

2.Dogs have a typical skill.They can recognize (辨认) people by their smell.

3.In organizing the party, Jenifer played a very important role (作用).

4.In the supermarket, everything you did was monitored (监视) by the camera.

5.Realcine offers us a fantastic (极好的) chance to experience something that seems impossible.

6.Upon reaching the end point, Usain Bolt couldn't help smacking his chest.

7.Senior members of the government are popular with special drivers.

8.To the girl, to meet her favourite film star can be a great thrill.

9.Chris's behaviour that morning was quite extraordinary.

10.Hopes of a peace settlement are beginning to fade.


1.As soon as we reach the top of the mountain, a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement will be experienced.

→On reaching the top of the mountain, we will experience a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement.

2.Viewers will be surprised at how real it feels.

→Wearing such a headset while watching the film will give us a real feeling,_which surprised most of the viewers.

3.In my opinion, it is about time we had new computers.

→From my point of view,_it is the proper time for us to_have new computers.

4.H G Wells wrote this science fiction story,one of the famous works in 1895.

→The science fiction story, written by H G Wells, was one of the famous works in 1895.

5.In the film, a World Cup final was being played and the teenager was made to think that he had scored the winning goal.

→In the film, the teenager was watching a World Cup final, which made him feel that he had_scored the winning goal.


1.例句:This ring has been passed on in my family from mother to daughter.

仿写:好的传统应该一代一代往下传。(pass on )


2.例句:They set up an example to us.

仿写:每个人都应该通过自己的行为为下一代树立榜样。(set up )


3.例句:You can't force others to accept your ideas.

仿写:他的父亲强迫他戒烟。(force sb to do sth)

His father forced him to give up smoking.

4.例句:The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can supply fresh air for us.

仿写:他今天没来上学的原因是他妈妈病了。(The reason...is that...)


5.例句:They put forward some new ideas on the subject.

仿写:我们应该提出一个有效的方法来改善我们的英语学习。(put forward)



1.—Why didn't you try your best to get on the bus?

—I tried to, but ________ I could, it started moving.

A.until B.when C.before D.after

答案 C [考查before的用法。句意:——你为什么不尽力上公共汽车呢?——我争取了,不过我还没来得及上去,车就开动。before sb can /could do某人还没有来得及……就……]

2.Don't be so discouraged.If you ________ such feelings, you will do better next time.

A.carry on B.get back

C.break down D.put away

答案 D [考查动词短语辨析。句意:不要如此泄气。如果你收起这样的情绪,下次会做得更好。carry on继续做;get back返回;找回;break down出故障;垮掉;分解;put away将……收起;积蓄。]

3.Einstein liked Bose's paper so much that he ________ his own work and translated it into German.

A.gave off B.turned down

C.took over D.set aside

答案 D [考查动词短语辨析。句意:Einstein如此喜欢Bose的论文以至于他把自己的工作放到一边,把Bose的论文译成德语。give off发出(光、气味)等;turn down调低;拒绝;take over接管;set aside把……放到一旁。]

4.They all rushed over, ________ what had happened.

A.anxious to know B.anxiously to know

C.anxiously knowing D.anxious knowing

答案 A [考查形容词短语作状语的用法。句意:他们都跑过去,很想知道发生了什么。形容词短语作原因状语,对主语的状况进行补充说明。(be) anxious to do渴望,极想做。]

5.—What time are they planning to ________ on the journey around the world?

—Tomorrow, I guess.

A.set down B.set aside C.set off D.set up

答案 C [考查动词短语辨析。句意:——他们计划什么时候出发去环球旅行?——我想是明天。set down着陆;记下;set aside把……放到一旁;set off出发,启程;set up建立。]

6.It was ________ that he was promoted.

A.turned out B.made out

C.given out D.carried out

答案 C [考查动词短语辨析。句意:他晋升的消息已经公布了。turn out结果是(用主动形式);make out看清;give out分发,公布;carry out履行;实施。故选C。]

7.In the editor's ________ there was nothing in the article that went beyond legitimate comment and so he printed it.

A.view B.sense C.opinions D.idea

答案 A [考查名词辨析。句意:在主编看来,这篇文章中都是合理的评论,因而将它发表了。in sb's view /opinion(注意用单数)依某人之见,在某人看来。其他两词无此搭配。]

8.You're telling a lie.Your facial expression has ________.

A.given you away B.given you out

C.given you off D.given you up

答案 A [考查动词短语辨析。句意:你在撒谎,从你的面部表情就能看得出来。give away泄露,出卖;give out分发,公布;give off发出(光、气味等);give up放弃。]

9.China has got a good ________ for fighting against the flu with its careful and smooth organization.

A.reputation B.influence

C.impression D.knowledge

答案 A [考查名词辨析。句意:中国因其在抗击流感方面的细致平稳的组织工作而获得了良好的声誉。reputation声誉;influence影响;impression印象;knowledge知识。]

10.—How about your journey to Mount Emei?

—Everything was wonderful except that our car ________ twice on the way.

A.slowed down B.broke down

C.got down D.put down

答案 B [考查动词短语辨析。句意:——峨眉山之游感觉如何?——一切很好,就是我的车抛锚了两次。slow down放慢(速度); break down出故障,损坏;(健康等)垮掉;get down下来;写下;put down放下;镇压。]

11.—Have you ________ some new idea?

—Yeah, I'll tell you later.

A.come about B.come into

C.come up with D.come out with

答案 C [考查动词短语辨析。句意:——你想出了什么新的主意吗?是的,我以后告诉你。come about发生;come into进入;come up with想出,提出;come out with发表,公布。]

12.—You are always full of ________.Can you tell me the secret?

—Taking plenty of exercise every day.

A.power B.strength C.force D.energy

答案 D [考查名词辨析。句意:——你总是精力充沛。能告诉我其中的秘诀吗?——每天进行大量的锻炼。power能量;strength体力,力气;force暴力,武力,(自然)力;energy精力,活力。故选D。]

13.Last night Mr Crook didn't come back at the usual time.________, he met some friends and stayed out until midnight.

A.Meanwhile B.However

C.Instead D.Yet

答案 C [考查副词辨析。句意:昨晚Crook先生没有像往常一样按时回来,而是去见了几个朋友,在外面一直待到深夜。meanwhile同时;however然而;可是;instead(不是)……而是……;yet然而。]

14.After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane ________ her job as a doctor in the countryside.

A.set out B.took over

C.took up D.set up

答案 C [考查动词短语辨析。句意:在一所医科大学学了五年以后,Jane开始下乡当一名医生。set out出发,动身;开始做(接不定式);take over接管;take up从事;set up建立。]

15.It is reported that the floods have left about ________ people homeless.

A.two thousand B.two-thousands

C.two thousands D.two thousands of

答案 A [考查数词用法。句意:据报道,洪水已经使约2,000人无家可归。dozen, score, hundred, thousand, million等前有具体数字时,要用其单数形式。这些词前没有具体数字,且与of连用时,用复数。]