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1.(2015·南京一调)I want an assistant with ________ little knowledge of French and ________ experience of office routine.A.the; a B.the; an

C.a; / D.a; an

2.(2015·南京第十三中学高三模拟)A(n) ________ of just 18.75cm of rain fell last year, making it the driest year since California became a state in 1850.

A.number B.average

C.amount D.quantity

3.(2015·长沙二模)We regret ________ you that because of the necessary repair, our library will be closed next month.

A.to inform B.informing

C.to inform of D.informing of

4.(2015·扬州高三检测)________ reaching the zoo, the excited children cant wait to see the animals.

A.At B.Upon

C.Before D.With

5. (2015·徐州模拟)— When will the expert come and give the lecture on economic development?

— Not until our program ________ by the government.

A.has been approved B.is to approve

C.will be approved D.approves

6.(2015·安徽师大附中模拟)It is known to all that every minute _________full use of _________the lessons will benefit students a great deal.

A.which makes; studying B.when made; to study

C.that made; to study D.when is made; studying

7.(2015·安庆高三模拟)I haven’t seen Ann for ________ long a time that I have forgotten what she looks like.

A.such B.as

C.so D.too

8.(2015·株洲高三模拟)The girl student answered the question so weakly that the teacher had to struggle ________ her.

A.to listen B.to listen to

C.listening D.listening to

9.(2015·岳阳八中高三模拟)________ to his research work all the time, and ________ that he is really exhausted, the professor decided to have a good rest.

A.Devoted; found B.Devoting; found

C.Devoting; finding D.Devoted; finding

10.(2015·淮南二模)All the people ________ killing the animals which are protected by the country will be put in prison.

A.in charge of B.who are in charge of

C.are charged with D.who are charged with

11.(2015·常州高三一模)Mircroblogs provide a fun and easy way to keep up with the news and ________ thoughts with friends online.

A.consult B.conclude

C.expose D.exchange

12.She was young and pretty, and she loved children. My pupils, Donnie included, all ________ her very much.

A.respected B.disliked

C.avoided D.reminded

13.(2015·诸暨市高三第一学期期末考试)It is reported that an 80­year­old woman________son earns a good salary in Shenzhen________by growing food on her own.

A.whos; makes a life

B.whose; earns her living

C.who; makes a living

D.of whom; makes a living

14.(2015·湘潭第三次模拟)Please keep silent; The Voice of China ________ on TV and I want to watch it.

A.is being broadcast B.has been broadcast

C.is broadcast D.was broadcast

15.(2015·苏州质检)There is someone playing the guitar over there. Lets go and listen, shall we? Free entertainment, ________.

A.anyway B.though

C.therefore D.somehow.阅读理解


(2015·苏南高三4月联考)Forest Schools originated in Sweden in the 1950s and spread to other countries, particularly Denmark where they have become an important part of the Danish early years program.

In a typical Danish Forest School, young children from 3 years are taken into the forest for 4 hours each day of the week. They take no toys with them, but instead use only what the forest provides (and their imaginations) to develop their games. There is a primitive hut in the forest, which is used in extreme weather. Activities are child­led and fun, such as finding small animals or stomping in puddles. Because of high adult to child ratios, children can safely try out activities which are often considered too dangerous, such as climbing trees or lighting fires, and by dressing the children in good protective clothing, they are able to play freely. By setting children small manageable tasks at which they are unlikely to fail, and giving genuine praise, children?s independence and confidence grow.

A Swedish scientific study found that children in the Forest School are more balanced and socially capable, have fewer sick days, are more able to concentrate and have better co­ordination than the city nursery children. The primary reason appeared to be the greater opportunities to play in nature, so that children play for longer at a time, tending not to disturb each other as much as children in the city nursery.The study observed that where children were interrupted, they became irritable, their stress level rose, and their ability to concentrate fell.

The study also showed that the Forest School children had 25% fewer sick days than the city children. One reason for this is that the air is nearly always better outside than indoors. Outside a child is not so exposed to virus and bacteria and not so likely to be infected by other children. Another reason may be that, since stress has been shown to have a negative effect on the immune system, high stress levels may be weakening the city children. The Forest School children, on the other hand are in a pleasant, natural, fun and less stressful environment.

1.Why is there a primitive hut in the forest?

A.To enrich the children’s imagination.

B.To protect the children from bad weather.

C.To let children have fun.

D.To store daily necessities.

2.What kind of activities do the Forest School children have?

A.Activities usually played by braver kids.

B.Activities which are designed for adults.

C.Grade­improving activities.

D.Activities with fun and a certain level of danger.

3.The Forest School children are more able to concentrate because________.

A.they have more interesting things to do

B.they are accompanied by adults

C.they are not disturbed so often

D.they are playing in small groups

4.What does the last paragraph intend to tell us?

A.Why the Forest School children are healthier.

B.The Forest School children have a healthy diet.

C.What affects the city children.

D.Why the Forest School children have less stress.


(2015·徐州第三次质检)SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) — A Santa Monica High School teacher who was put on leave after using physical force to control a student who was selling marijuana (大麻) in his classroom has received surprising support on Facebook. The incident was captured on video and has caused a sudden reaction from parents, teachers, students and even graduates. They are showing their support for Black. A Facebook page supporting “Coach Black” has over 4,700 likes. And many want him back in the classroom.

Student witnesses say Mark Black, who is also the wrestling coach, tried to confiscate (没收) a bag of marijuana and was then injured by the student with a pencil. The cellphone video shows Black locking the student?s legs and pinning the student to the ground.“He just wanted him to stop and he was trying to be a teacher and help, and I don?t think it was his fault.”said student Kylan Townsend.

School Board member Oscar De La Torre says Mr. Black is one of his teachers at Santa Monica High School. “I know him very well. I know him to be a fair person, a good person,someone who cares deeply about his students,” said De La Torre. He says that the video does not tell the whole story and that the incident brings to light the issue of drug use, something the district needs to address.

But in an email to parents, Santa Monica­Malibu Unified School District Superintendent Sandra Lyon says the teacher’s behavior is “absolutely alarming”. She put Black on leave during an independent investigation.

Lyon has come under fire from parents for initially saying the kind of physical action used by the teacher was unacceptable. On Saturday, Lyon released the following statement to Eyewitness News:“I want to stress that teachers are at times confronted with difficult, even threatening situations, and they must make judgment calls to protect safety. I want to emphasize that putting the teacher who was involved in this incident on leave until completion of an independent investigation is a matter of standard policy and practice; it in no way prejudices the outcome of the investigation. ”

Students hope the situation will have a quick and just resolution. An online petition (请愿书) has also been created by one of Black’s former students. The petition has already gained thousands of signatures.

Black did not respond to a request for comment.

5.What does the cellphone video on Facebook disclose?

A.Mark Black injured a student with a pencil.

B.Mark Black wrestled with a student in his class.

C.Mark Black confiscated a bag and locked a student.

D.Mark Black controlled a student with physical force.

6.In the fifth paragraph,the underlined word “it”refers to ________.

A.making judgment calls to protect safety

B.putting the teacher involved on leave

C.completion of an independent investigation

D.a matter of standard policy and practice

7.From the passage,we can infer that ________.

A.the people involved in the matter support Mark Black

B.Mark Black will be eventually fired by the School Board

C.Sandra Lyon won some support from parents initially

D.no decision has been made from the investigation yet

8.Which of the following can be the best title for the passage?

A.Teacher Put on Leave Receives Support

B.Thousands Come and Sign the Petition

C.School Teacher Wrestled with Student

D.Cellphone Video on the Facebook Page


.1.选C句意:我需要一个懂一点法语而且有日常办公室工作经验的助手。knowledge是不可数名词,a little“一点”,修饰不可数名词;experience在此表示经验,是不可数名词,故不加冠词。

2.选B句意:去年平均降雨18.75厘米,这是自从1850年加利福尼亚成为一个州以来最干燥的一年。an average of “平均的……”;a number of“许多”,修饰可数名词;an amount of“大量的”,修饰不可数名词;a quantity of“大量的”,修饰可数或不可数名词均可。

3.选A句意:我们很遗憾地告诉你,因为必要的修理,我们的图书馆下个月将被关闭。regret to do sth.“遗憾做某事”;regret doing sth. “后悔做了某事”;inform sb. that ...“告知某人……”。

4.选B句意:一到动物园,孩子们就迫不及待地去看动物。upon/on doing sth. “一……就……”。

5.选A句意:“专家什么时候来做关于经济发展的报告呀?”“要到我们的项目得到政府的批准后才行。”答语中“政府批准后”是发生在将来的事情,但用在not until引导的时间状语从句中,用现在完成时表示将来完成的意义。

6.选B句意:众所周知,当每一分钟都被充分利用来学习功课,将会使学生受益匪浅。从句中 every minute 是主语,will benefit 是谓语动词,中间插入了时间状语,when 后省略了 it is, to study the lessons 表示目的,不是作 make use of 的宾语,故选B。

7.选C句意:我很久没有看见安了以至我都忘了她长什么样了。so/such ... that ...“如此……以至……”;so修饰形容词或副词;such修饰名词。

8.选B句意:这个女生回答问题时声音太小了,以至老师不得不努力地去听。struggle to do sth.“努力地做某事”。teacher与listen to之间是主动关系,故用不定式的主动形式。listen to sb.“听某人说话”,listen只表示听这一动作,是及物动词。

9.选D句意:由于一直都在专心搞研究并且觉得真的很累了,教授决定要好好休息一下。根据句意可知,第一空是考查“be devoted to”的用法,此处是过去分词作原因状语,the professor与find是主动关系,故第二个空用现在分词作原因状语。

10.选D句意:凡是被控告杀死国家保护的动物的人都将会被判坐牢。sb. be charged with sth. “某人因某事而被控告……”。in charge of“负责”,不合语境。


12.选A 句意:她年轻、漂亮,爱孩子们,我的学生们,包括唐尼,都非常尊敬她。respect“尊敬”;dislike“不喜欢”;avoid“避免”;remind“提醒”。

13.选B句意:据报道,有一位儿子在深圳挣得丰厚薪水的八十岁老妇人,靠自己种粮食来维持生计。根据 an 80­year­old woman和 son earns a good salary in Shenzhen可知,第一空是用来修饰son的,相当于an 80­year­old womans,故填关系代词whose。第二空是整个句子的谓语部分,主语是 an 80­year­old woman。固定搭配:earn ones living和make a living意为“谋生”。

14.选A 句意:请安静,电视上正播放《中国好声音》,我想看它。根据句意可知,用现在进行时的被动语态。

15.选A句意:那边有人在弹吉他。我们去听听吧,好吗?不管怎么说,这是免费的娱乐。anyway“不管怎么说,至少”;though“尽管,虽然”;therefore“因此”;somehow“不知为何”。 Ⅱ.

语篇解读:孩子们不是在课堂上,而是在森林中玩耍、探索、游戏,他们健康而自信,这就是瑞典的森林学校。 1.选B细节理解题。从文章第二段中的“which is used in extreme weather”可知,这个小木屋的作用是让孩子躲避恶劣天气。




语篇解读:本文是一篇新闻报道,主要报道了美国一所高中的一名老师因强行控制在教室里卖大麻的学生而遭到解雇,但在网上他得到了家长和学生的普遍支持。 5.选D细节理解题。根据文章第一段第一句中的“A Santa Monica High ... marijuana(大麻)in his classroom”可知,视频的内容是 Mark Black 用武力控制了一名在班上贩卖大麻的学生。故选D项。

6.选B指代判断题。根据文章第五段最后一句中的“I want to emphasize ... standard policy and practice”可知,此处 it 代指“putting the teacher involved on leave”这件事。故选B项。